Staging Ground is an ongoing experiment in organizing, presenting, and publishing literary, visual, and dramatic arts. Started in 2011 with the idea to publish a magazine of experimental poetry and visual art, we soon branched out to present drama, publish translations, and publish artist web features.

While artistic communities may be fleeting and ill-defined, moments do coalesce where artists and audiences share the same space and time. We hope that those moments, as they are for us, are inspiring and creatively productive.

Submission Policy

Because of our small editorial team and life’s otherwise constant demands, we are not reading submissions for the magazine at the present time.

Our goal will always be to foster an artistic community where we live. For the moment that means New York.

Culture is fundamentally material, just as bodies are. And there is something rich and meaningful about real human bodies sharing space during artistic moments. In whatever we do, this is our guiding principle.


Editors: Nora Almeida, Matt Reeck, Dan Wonderly, and Jane Yi.

Webmaster: Jerry Luna

While we all have our specialties, we like to think of all our decisions as group ones, and all our projects as editorial and artistic collaborations.

Contact us at info@staginggroundmag.com.