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Two Stories from Shoes for Oscar Night

The Daughter of the Last Mohican by Melina Kamerić translated from the Bosnian by Jennifer Zoble Her mother made candles. And that’s why Davorka always smelled like a strange blend of wax and the powdered sugar her grandma sprinkled on šapice, the little round cookies we lovingly called paws. Davorka’s grandma made the best šapice… Read more »

A Thousand Years, One Day

A Thousand Years, One Day by Edmond Amran El Maleh translated from the French by Lucy R. McNair “Paul Celan: no one bears witness for the witness. And yet we always choose a companion: not for ourselves but for something within us, outside us, that needs us to be lacking in ourselves in order to… Read more »

To Die on the Back of a Horse & Ducks

To Die On The Back Of A Horse by Kim Cheom Seon translated from the Korean by Matt Reeck I died on the back of a galloping horse. As a corpse I fell to ground. This happened in my past lives. I died like this not just once but countless times. I died each time… Read more »

Staging Ground Presents 3×30

Three 30 minute performances. Live sound effects. Theatrics. 7 floors of escalators. Architectural ambiguity. Words. Worlds. Chairs and other potential furniture. Magazines.                   Wednesday 4.17.13 7:30 Performance. 7 Doors. Maroney Theater St. Francis College 182 Remsen St., 7th FL Brooklyn, NY 11201 2345ACFGR train access View Staging… Read more »

Staging Ground Interviews Joanna Sondheim

from Transfer ∞ if spoken open hands of those who are watching will pass on and therefore remains  and order actions left behind      enscripted or piety of mannered love    to be tied    graced upon bequeath addendum    SG: Many of your poems are ungrammatical in a traditional sense. How do you conceive… Read more »

Staging Ground interviews Nicholas Mah

SG: Materiality is one quality more often evident in old analog photography than in the hyperreal ephemerality of the digital print. Though digital, your photos have a rich material—almost mineral—quality to them. Could you explain the techniques you used to create these photos and their rich layered sense of material life? NM: An integral part… Read more »

Launch Launch Launch Launch!

Staging Ground launches its first issue into the world! Come join us to celebrate on Saturday, October 13th from 4 at Bar Reis in Park Slope. (Bar Reis is located at 375 5th Avenue, between 5th and 6th Streets. The party will be downstairs, so don’t be shy.) There will be magazines for sale at a discounted price of… Read more »