Staging Ground Presents 3×30

Three 30 minute performances. Live sound effects. Theatrics. 7 floors of escalators. Architectural
ambiguity. Words. Worlds. Chairs and other potential furniture. Magazines.


Rob Erickson

Rob Erickson
Holding Handles

Dale Perreault

Dale Perreault

Mac Wellman

Mac Wellman
Horrocks (and Toutatis too)









Wednesday 4.17.13
7:30 Performance.
7 Doors.

Maroney Theater
St. Francis College
182 Remsen St., 7th FL
Brooklyn, NY 11201

2345ACFGR train access

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Rob Erickson
Rob Erickson, Holding Handles
full beauty. what else is fully beautiful? i do not know; … (more)

Dale Perreault
Dale Perreault, Sculpitekt
Matt Reeck (Director), Jack Trinco (Mason Decanter), Stephanie Lane (Aether Decanter), Matthew Schechter (Sculpitekt), Cara Maltz (Announcer), Yury Shubov (Band Leader/Violin & Viola), Jeff Hodes (Clarinet), Alexander Rea (Percussion)
Furniture In Ibsen
Hedda Gabler is funny. She is. In the translation I read. On jury duty. The second Bush inaugural… (more)

Mac Wellman
Mac Wellman, Horrocks (and Toutatis too)
Elena Araos (Director), Erin Mallon (Actor)
The most beautiful thing in the world is a random assortment of unrelated objects (Heraclitus).… (more)